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jenova_decants's Journal

Jenova's Decants
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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab decants
Welcome to jenova's decanting community! This page covers the basic info for my circles, but feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks for stopping by!

Besides haunting LiveJournal, you may also find me on the BPAL.org forums as Jenova. :)

The following info is generally listed for all of my circles, but to keep it in one central place...

My Feedback
* BPAL.org forums
* LiveJournal
* eBay
* Den of Angels Doll-related, but it's an awful lot of feedback!

* For large orders, bottles with no decant requests may be canceled! :(
* Each bottle has 6 decant slots; bottles past the first have 7.
* If I get at least 2 decant requests past the "full" bottle, I'll open another bottle! :D
* There's no minimum, so order whatever you would like :)
* Empty bottles will be available for free if 5 decant slots are taken for the bottle. There is a preliminary limit of 3 empties per person. Any empties left unclaimed by the time the order ships can then be claimed by anyone. (See Shipping below to see how this adds to your shipping cost.)
* Prices are in $US.
* Paypal address: kirkam(at)mistrust(dot)com -- any funding source of Paypal is fine (but no eChecks please). If you are in the US and really need to pay with a money order, I can accept US postal money orders, too.

Imps will be taped with teflon tape, checked for leaks, securely bubble-wrapped, and shipped in brand new bubble mailers.

Shipping cost update: the First Class price increase in early 2011 has done some weird things to my US and Canada pricing, but the internationals stay the same. Go figure!

In the US: All US shipments include Delivery Confirmation.
First Class: As listed below; +$.25 for each bottle (empty or otherwise.. doesn't seem to make much difference ;)
1-16 decants: $2.25 (This is also the weight of a bottle and a few decants)
17-24: $2.50
25-32: $2.75
33-40: $3.00
41-48: $3.25
Priority Mail (US only): $5.25

Canada: As listed below; +$.25 for each bottle
1-8 decants: $2.50
9-16: $2.75
17-24: $3.00
25-32: $3.25
33-40: $3.50
41-48: $3.75

Internationally: As listed below; +$.80 for each bottle
1-8 decants: $3.50
9-16: $4.30
17-24: $5.10
25-32: $5.90
33-40: $6.70
41-48: $7.50

I think that covers the basics, but please feel free to ask any questions!